SpreadSheet Grid is available under two licenses.

Non-commerical - FREE

  1. Non-commerical use. Perfect for open source and hobby projects
  2. Community support
  3. All features
  4. Source code available

Developer license - $199/Developer

  1. Commercial use
  2. Single application development
  3. Perpetual license
  4. All features
  5. Source available
  6. 1 year of free support from the Core team

You do not need a license to evaluate SpreadSheet Grid. Once you are ready to begin development, please purchase the Developer license

Bulk license

Email us at for bulk licensing.

More information on License

Single Application Development License

Licenses one application, developed for internal use, to embed SpreadSheet in perpetuity.

  1. Includes a 1-year subscription to new versions, support and maintenance.
  2. All concurrent, front-end, JavaScript developers working on the Application would need to be added to the license count, not just the ones working with Spreadsheet.
  3. Developers within the Single Application Development License count are unnamed, so long as the total licensed count isn’t exceeded.
  4. Single Application Development Licenses are bound to an application name and can’t be reused on other applications.

License timeline

  1. Perpetual License

    When you purchase SpreadSheet Developer you are granted a license to use a version of the product in perpetuity. There are no further charges until you choose to extend your license to cover newer versions (see next point).

    Please note that while use of the software is perpetual, Support and Corrective Maintenance are not. We do not provide issue resolution to versions of SpreadSheet Grid Developer older than 12 months.

  1. 1-year Subscription to New Versions (included)

  2. Subscription Renewal - Email us at for information on subscription renewal


Email support is provided for subscribed customers. We strive to answer emails, issue bug fixes within 24 hours. For more info, email us at